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~ Dogfight

Posted on Apr 24— 4 hours ago
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Posted on Apr 24— 4 hours ago
Posted on Apr 24— 4 hours ago


I honestly don’t know whom I hated more at this moment

Posted on Apr 24— 4 hours ago


omg sAME

I thought they had an A+ friendship and it would be SO REFRESHING to have a cop show not based around a romance?????????


Duke needs to hook up with Nathan, and then Audrey can move onto bigger and better things, okay??? Okay. >:D

"Look at those losers. I know they’re getting it on behind the scenes. ‘Bout time they finally hook up. Maybe I should play matchmaker since they’re so damn slow. CONFESS YOUR DEEPEST DESIRESSSSSS. now gtfo you two i got important business to take care of” idek xD

Yeah, I agree! One thing I did enjoy was that they didn’t push them romantically right away? I was glad to see Audrey and Nathan date other people BEFORE the show pushed them in our faces. Would be a bit cool if that still happened though.

Posted on Apr 23— 4 hours ago

Keeping a list for myself. No need to pay attention. ♥

  1. Do replies on MOMO
  2. Do replies on Mio
  3. And do replies on Xiaoyu.
  4. Get Aya somehow started up
  5. Finish up the video tomorrow~

I feel confident it’ll work somehow. Though once I start feeling like that, SV will push me off a cliff. LOL. But I’m trying! It’s really fun though, honestly. I missed making videos. kneghdmglhfm

Posted on Apr 23— 5 hours ago
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Dragoons of the White-Silver Dragon

Posted on Apr 23— 5 hours ago
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I’m so relieved to hear that the actors seem to be intelligent and astute human beings!! They point out the PoC issues, the Duke/Nate business, and Nate’s poisonous behaviour! Bless them all. uwu

But yeah!! The writers need to get on this. I want my old Nathan back. :/

I feel ya, I really do. DX It’s like, I still adore Nathan to bits but I really miss how he was before everything went crazy. 

The good news is, I would consider him a lot better than how he was in Season 3, especially since him and Duke are on better terms again. agkndlmjg ♥

i kinda didn’t want audrey and nathan together romantically, since i miss their friendship more, but that’s another story for another day. [cries and gets hit]

Posted on Apr 23— 5 hours ago

Keep up with the video tomorrow. 

Hopefully SV will allow me to finish it. 

Today was considered, “So far, so good. But I’m ready for some disappointment soon.”

Posted on Apr 23— 5 hours ago

Along the journey of trying to find good Xenosaga clips to use—-

I like the fact that Pelligri’s whole entire face isn’t shown in the scene where she dies.

Only the bottom half. I probably said it before but we never once take a glimpse at what emotion her eyes may be showing, despite how her voice sounds. I don’t know, I like it.

Posted on Apr 23— 6 hours ago