Unit Zebulun (M.O.M.O. & Ziggy)


If you are a fan of video games, The Last Of Us, voice acting, traditional acting, Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson or just a damn good story then this video is 100% worth the watch.

It provides not only a brand new perspective on The Last Of Us, but also how far evolved video games have become; the fact a game can have such a powerful narrative that it can even be hauntingly addictive to watch as a quasi-stage production is incredible.

This is just another example that video games are no longer something that socially awkward teenage males do to pass the time as a substitute for a social life, video games are an expansive, inclusive and creative medium that caters to all ages and all demographics.

Video games have gone beyond film, beyond television and beyond books, telling advance and powerful stories that leave genuine impacts upon those who embrace them. 

I love video games and am a proud gamer.